31 Newbury Road Howell NJ 07731 

This year we will use Swim Outlet for our team bathing suits.  We have a team store set up which you can access by clicking here.  You can also access the team store by going to www.swimoutlet.com, clicking on team sales and typing in "Candlewood Sundevils."  The team suit is by no means mandatory, but it does promote team unity. 

There is a sizing guide available on their website, but if you need to try on a suit before purchasing, try-on suits will be available from 4:30-5:30 PM on June 7th at Candlewood.  Typically, Swim Outlet is very quick with shipping.  If you already know your size, you can order directly from the site, no need to come for a try-on.  All suit sales go directly through our team store at your convenience.  You can also order goggles, practice suits or any other swim needs you may have.

The suit is called "Sporti Light wave" in red

Girl suits will cost $35.60 and boy suits will be $28