​Selling raffle tickets is the swim team’s main source of revenue throughout the season. 
Monies raised by each family are used to purchase ribbons, trophies, 
and other awards presented at the Team Party at the culmination of the season. 

 We would like to thank everyone in advance for their cooperation and participation
 with this important fundraiser. 

American Cancer Society Swim Marathon

  Over the past two decades, cancer has been a disease that has affected the Candlewood Swim Team personally.  Our fight against cancer began when Lisa Barnes Toner, a previous swim team coach, lost her father to cancer.  In an effort to promote awareness of this disease, Lisa started the American Cancer Swim Marathon tradition here at Candlewood.  In the late 1980’s, the Head Swim Team Coach lost her battle with brain cancer while in her mid 30’s.  The Debbie Quigley Award, named after this coach, has become the team’s most prestigious award and embodies Debbie’s characteristics of perseverance, determination, and tireless effort.  Over the years, there have been other coaches, team members, as well as family members who have been personally affected by cancer.  Needless to say, the fight against cancer has become one of the Candlewood Swim Team’s most significant missions over the past 20 years.
     Every year, in an effort to help raise money to support cancer research, the Candlewood Swim Team participates in a Swim Marathon, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.  Last year, the Swim Team raised over $4,000 for the American Cancer Society, while our swimmers swam over 130 miles!  We ask that you help us in our continuous fight against cancer.  Your support really matters, as every little bit helps!  This year’s Swim Marathon will be held at Candlewood on 

31 Newbury Road Howell NJ 07731